Contemplation Exercise 3 - The Foundation of Work VVC (Organization)

Dec 7, 20222 mins


In this exercise, you will reflect on the Values, Vision and Culture (VVC) of your organization keeping in mind your own Values and Vision and the five-tier Adios Organizational Strategy framework that we discussed. Please sit alone for some time and then take a Contemplation walk as you think about these things. Do this a few times over the next few days. These are not things you want to finish quickly. Give them a few Contemplation cycles to do justice. Keep listening to this audio during your Contemplation walks as you think deeply. Have a cup of coffee all by yourself as you think about this. And remember, ADIOS is a personal dialogue between you and yourself. Do not rush to share your thoughts with others in person or online. Keep them to yourself and put them back into your next Contemplation session. Go deep. Keep digging. All the best.