Slow down periodically to go faster, higher.

Dec 7, 2022·17 mins

In this essay, we discuss why business leaders should not blindly focus on going, or growing, fast but it is strategically more advantageous to mix fast with slow. You might feel guilty if you are not working or going fast all the time, but that is an illusion. It does not help you and makes your thought process shallow. On the contrary, you should feel guilty if you are only going fast all the time. Only fast is the past. Fast + Slow is the way to go.

Why Financial Success should Not be the only Metric

Dec 7, 2022·16 mins

In this essay, we discuss why you should not define organizational success to mean only financial success, or building a large organization or a market leader. I also introduce the ADIOS five-tier organizational strategy framework to help you build your organization on the foundation of Values and Vision.

Looking Inward vs. Outward

Dec 15, 2022·5 mins

The goal of a human being is not the pursuit of happiness. It is the pursuit of peace of mind. Our overarching objective is to create a fulfilling and peaceful life. To be able to do that, there is s prerequisite. You should be deeply connected with yourself. But there is a powerful obstacle that can keep you from doing that. The world today is scientifically designed and well funded to attract, and subsequently retain your attention outside. But to be deeply connected with yourself, you must bring your attention to the inside. Contemplation is your tool to do that...

Contemplation is the Mother of Clarity

Dec 14, 2022·4 mins

Our quality of life depends on how we feel on the inside. If we feel restless, our quality of life is not very good. If we feel peaceful, our quality of life is good. And how we feel depends on what we think, what we say and what we do…

Discover Your Own Right Road

Dec 13, 2022·

The values of your organization are an aggregation of the values of the individual employees in your organization. Would you like to leave the final outcome with respect to your organizational values to chance and let them take a final shape on their own, whatever that might be, or would…

Abolition of the Gold Standard — Lessons for the Founder

Dec 12, 2022·7 mins

Fifty years ago, a crisis led to the end of the gold standard. 2021 was the 50th anniversary of the U.S. withdrawal from the Bretton Woods agreement. What was the crisis? The United States was involved in fighting the Vietnam War. …

Contemplation Is the Crux of Innovation

Dec 11, 2022·7 mins

Many companies and educational organisations actively endorse and pursue strategies for innovation. There are books, articles and workshops on the subject. Networking and collaboration and other such tools are also used to speed up innovation. All these tools are certainly helpful in bringing about innovation, but they aren’t its essence.

What Should an Organisation Be?

Dec 9, 2022·4 mins

An organisation has no existence of its own; it does not create itself. A human being (or a few of them) has an idea or a purpose, and to bring this idea or purpose to fruition, a vehicle called an organisation is created. We usually call these human beings founders.